Lifeworth decaf instant rooibos milk tea

Lifeworth instant rooibos milk tea formula with organic instant rooibos tea,grass-feed milk powder,salt.Full of thick mellow.  ASKING PRICE
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Alchemy:Online exclusive! smooth south african rooibos is enveloped by rich cocoa. This indulgent treat is a delightful, soothing beverage you can melt into

Flavor:chocolate flavor,coffee flavor,original flavor,potato flavor

Purpose:Suitable for people as a daily drinking

Serving:5g 100-150ml water.

Skim milk powder,rooibos tea powder, non-dairy creamer, salt, sweetener

* Supplementary energy

1.The product contain caffeine is not suitable for children,pregnant or lactsting women & individuals sentive to caffine.

2.Drink a cup of warm water before enjoy the coffee If someone's stomach is not good.

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