Lifeworth weight loss green coffee with herbal extract

Lifeworth organic green coffee wholesale for weight loss blend with natural herbal extract,which is a health green coffee diet to help people who want to lose weight.You can enjoy the delicious green coffee and controlling your weight at the same time.  ASKING PRICE
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Alchemy:High quality organic instant green coffee blend with natural herbal extract such as lotus leaf extract,moringa leaf extract etc.

Flavor:Cappuccino,original,latte,white coffee,3 in 1,2 in 1

Purpose:Suitable for people who want to lose weight

Serving:10g 100-150ml water.After meal 2 hours or before meal 1 hour (lunch or dinner),do not recommend to drink it after dinner.

Coffee powder, green coffee bean extract, L-carnitine, acai berry, lotus leaf extract, chrysanthemum extract, moringa leaf extract

*Burn fat

*Enhance immunity

*Anti-fatigue, replenish energy and improve endurance

*Increases metabolism

*Fights free radicals and toxins through Cleansing

1.The product contain caffeine is not suitable for children,pregnant or lactsting women & individuals sentive to caffeine.

2.Drink a cup of warm water before enjoy the coffee If someone's stomach is not good.

3.Black coffee flavor is the best effec

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