Lifeworth collagen matcha private label

Made with no artificial ingredients, our Collagen Matcha comes in delicious flavored options,which can support hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissues and is highly bioavailable.  ASKING PRICE
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Alchemy: Collagen protein is the main protein that makes up your tendons and ligaments. Collagen matcha tea can as a daily supplementtion helps support your body to keep your joints happy and healthy.

Flavor: Cheese,latte,assam,chocolate

Purpose: Collagen matcha tea for skin care

Serving:5g 100-150ml water.

ceremonial matcha powder,natural flavor powder(cheese,latte,assam,chocolate),natural sweetenenr,collagen

*help fend off free radicals

*help support metabolism and aid in weight loss.

*Keep your joints happy and healthy

1.The product contain caffeine is not suitable for children,pregnant or lactsting women & individuals sentive to caffine.

2.Drink a cup of warm water before enjoy the coffee If someone’s stomach is not good.

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