Lifeworth herbal mushroom reishi tea drink mix

High quality mushroom tea with ganoderma, ginseng, and chicken-bone herba, so all you need is hot water. Sip this sweet and earthy dairy-free mushroom tea in the afternoon.  ASKING PRICE
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Alchemy: Herbal mushroom reishi tea is the highest grade of ganoderma, and drinking reishi tea may increase the energy you burn and decrease dietary fat absorption. Combine that with chicken-bone herba,isatis root,poria cocos, which may help support blood sugar balance,and your liver will smile.

Flavor: Rich and flavor

Purpose: Booster immunity

Serving:10g 100-150ml water.

ganoderma,rabdosia lophanthide,ginseng,chicken-bone herba,isatis root,poria cocos

*Regulate the balance of human body function, protect liver and detoxify.

*Purify body fluids.

*Clear heat and dampness.

*Clear liver and gallbladder.

1.The product contain caffeine is not suitable for children,pregnant or lactsting women & individuals sentive to caffine.

2.Drink a cup of warm water before enjoy the coffee If someone’s stomach is not good.

3.Black coffee flavor is the best effect

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