ISO whey protein optimun manufacturer for creatine protein and sport nutrition

whey protein revolution - bioidentical to dairy whey but made without animals, bringing you the most environmentally friendly and tastiest vegan friendly protein in the world.  ASKING PRICE
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*Directions for use Add 1 scoop to 3 oz. water, milk, juice, yogurt or your favorite recipe. 
*Stir until dispersed. Drink immediately. Add more or less liquid as you like.
*Just scoop, stir & serve whey mixes easily with a spoon. No blender needed. 97% lactose free and suitable for anyone with lactose intolerance. It is amazingly versatile - for drinks, shakes, muffins, cereal or pancakes. Use 1 scoop of whey protein, 2-3 times a day, depending upon your bodyweight, metabolic status, workout program, diet and recovery needs.

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