Lifeworth microground instant coffee 3 in 1
A blend of finely arabica ground coffee and premium arabica freeze dried instant coffee is what gives Lifeworth microgrouns coffee its signature roasted note and smooth texture.
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Alchemy: In order to achieve breakthrough in instant coffee and tried to glimpse its soul.Driven by a relentless thirst to unearth coffee's essence,Lifeworth borne out a new standard of coffee blending-finely arabica ground coffee and premium arabica instant coffee.Compare with normal instant coffee, people can savour the best instant coffee,enjoy the Original rich aroma of coffee.Because of high technology of micro grinding,not many have succeeded.Lifeworth is one of the manufacturer of microground coffee.

Flavor: Cappuccino,original,latte,white coffee,3 in 1,2 in 1

Purpose: Coffee lover

Serving:10g 100-150ml not recommend to drink it after dinner.

Arabica ground coffee,premium arabica instant coffee (coffee bean type:Brazilian coffee beans;Colombian coffee beans;

Ethiopian coffee beans


*Supplementary energy

1.The product contain caffeine is not suitable for children,pregnant or lactsting women & individuals sentive to caffene.

2.Drink a cup of warm water before enjoy the coffee If someone's stomach is not good.

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